Harley Softail Tire Pressure: Essential Tips for Optimal Ride

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By The Motorcycle Enthusiast | April 10th, 2023

When you ride a Harley Softail, you feel on top of the world!

But a great ride needs more than just a cool bike.

You need to check the tire pressure often.

Why Is Tire Pressure Important?

  • It keeps you safe. Right pressure gives better grip.
  • Saves fuel. Yes, proper pressure can save you money!
  • Better bike control. Your Softail listens to you better.
  • Less tire wear. Your tires will last much longer.

What’s the Correct Tire Pressure?

Add more models as necessary
Model Front Tire (PSI) Rear Tire (PSI)
Softail Standard 30 36
Softail Deluxe 30 40
Softail Slim 30 36
Street Bob 30 36

Check your bike’s manual for exact numbers.

How to Check and Fill Tire Pressure

  1. Get a good tire gauge. It tells you the tire’s air pressure.
  2. Check when tires are cool. Riding makes the air hot and gives a false reading.
  3. Remove the cap from the valve stem. It’s on your tire’s side.
  4. Press the gauge onto the stem. You’ll hear a small hiss – that’s okay!
  5. Read the pressure. Add air if it’s too low; let out air if too high.
  6. Replace the cap tight. This keeps dirt out of the valve stem.
  7. Do the same for both tires.

Benefits of Proper Tire Pressure

Better gas mileage: Good tire pressure can save gas.

Smoother ride: Your Softail will glide better.

Fewer flats: Right pressure means fewer tire troubles.

Harley Softail Tire Pressure: Essential Tips for Optimal Ride

Credit: gardenstatehd.com

FAQs about Harley Softail Tire Pressure

Q: How often should I check my tire pressure?
A: Check it at least once a month, and before long rides.
Q: Can I use any gauge?
A: It’s best to use a gauge made for motorcycles.
Q: What if I add too much air?
A: Let some out until it reaches the right pressure.
Harley Softail Tire Pressure: Essential Tips for Optimal Ride

Credit: eparisextra.com

Rider’s Tip

Before a ride, walk around your Softail.

Check the tires look full and not saggy.

Frequently Asked Questions For Harley Softail Tire Pressure: Essential Tips For Optimal Ride

What Is The Ideal Harley Softail Tire Pressure?

The optimal tire pressure for a Harley Softail is generally 30 PSI for the front and 36 PSI for the rear when cold.

How Often Should I Check Softail Tire Pressure?

Regular checks every two weeks, or before long rides, ensure optimal tire performance and safety for your Softail.

Can Tire Pressure Affect Softail Handling?

Absolutely, correct tire pressure is crucial for maintaining stability, grip, and overall handling performance on a Softail.

Where To Find My Softail’s Tire Pressure Specs?

Your Harley Softail’s specific tire pressure specifications are located in the owner’s manual and often on the bike itself.

Does Weather Affect Softail Tire Pressure?

Yes, tire pressure can fluctuate with temperature changes; therefore, check and adjust it seasonally for your Harley Softail.

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