How to Use Car Wash Mode Tesla

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Mastering Car Wash Mode on Your Tesla: A Step-by-Step Guide

Keeping your Tesla looking fresh and clean is easier than ever before! With the Car Wash Mode, your Tesla is ready for a scrub without stress. Ready to learn how? Let’s dive in!

What is Car Wash Mode?

Car Wash Mode is a handy feature on your Tesla that prepares it for a car wash visit. This mode turns off certain settings. This stops the car from doing anything you don’t want while washing it.

Benefits Of Using Car Wash Mode On Your Tesla

  • Safety First: It holds your car still, making the car wash safe.
  • Protects Your Tesla: No unexpected movements mean a scratch-free wash.
  • Saves Time: The mode sets everything for you, so it’s quick and easy!

When to Use Car Wash Mode

Use Car Wash Mode when you’re visiting an automatic car wash. You can also use it when cleaning your car at home. It’s perfect for touchless car washes and traditional ones!

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Car Wash Mode

Follow these simple steps to get your Tesla ready for a shiny finish!

Step 1: Ensure Your Tesla Software Is Updated

First, make sure your Tesla has the latest software update. This update includes Car Wash Mode. You can check for updates through your car’s touchscreen.

Step 2: Locate Car Wash Mode

On your Tesla’s main screen, tap the ‘Car’ icon. Then tap ‘Service’. Here you will find ‘Car Wash Mode’.

Step 3: Activate Car Wash Mode

Simply tap ‘Car Wash Mode’, and that’s it! Your Tesla will adjust its systems. These changes include:

  • Folding in the mirrors
  • Turning off the windshield wipers
  • Deactivating Sentry Mode
  • Switching off the parking sensor chimes
  • Neutralizing Automatic Car Wash mode, if needed

Step 4: Drive Into The Car Wash

Now, your Tesla is set. Gently roll your car into the car wash. Relax and let the cleaning begin.

Tips for a Successful Car Wash

  • Check for any restrictions that your car wash may have for electric vehicles.
  • Remove any loose items from the outside of your car, like antennas.
  • Choose touchless washes when possible to avoid damage to your Tesla.

What to Do After the Car Wash

After the wash, exit Car Wash Mode easily. Press ‘Exit Car Wash Mode’ on your screen. Your Tesla will return to normal settings. Then, you can drive off or towel dry your Tesla for that extra sparkle.

How to Use Car Wash Mode Tesla


Final Thoughts

Using Car Wash Mode in your Tesla is a simple way to maintain your vehicle. This will keep it looking great. Make the most out of your Tesla’s advanced features. Keep your electric vehicle shining with hassle-free washes!

How to Use Car Wash Mode Tesla


FAQs About Car Wash Mode

Question Answer
Is Car Wash Mode available on all Teslas? Most Tesla models have it, but check if your model has the latest update.
Can I exit Car Wash Mode while in the car wash? Yes, but wait until after the wash is complete for safety and to avoid damage.
Does Car Wash Mode work with manual car washes? Yes, it works with both automatic and manual car washes.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you’re a new Tesla owner or a seasoned one, knowing how to use the Car Wash Mode is key. It’s perfect for a worry-free clean every time. Turn on Car Wash Mode and say hello to a shining, clean Tesla!

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Use Car Wash Mode Tesla

What Is Tesla’s Car Wash Mode?

Car Wash Mode on Tesla vehicles helps protect your car during automated car washes by closing all windows, locking the charge port, and disabling windshield wipers, Sentry Mode, and the parking sensor chimes. It also shifts the car to neutral and keeps it there without continuously pressing on the brake pedal, making it ideal for conveyor-type car washes.

How To Activate Car Wash Mode In Tesla?

To activate Car Wash Mode, navigate to the ‘Service’ section of your Tesla’s touchscreen display, then select ‘Car Wash Mode. ‘ The car will automatically configure itself into the proper settings to undergo a car wash safely.

Can I Drive In Car Wash Mode?

Driving normally in Car Wash Mode is not advised as the mode is specifically designed for stationary washing conditions. It restricts certain car functions and should only be used during the car washing process.

Will Tesla’s Car Wash Mode Work In Manual Washes?

Yes, Tesla’s Car Wash Mode is suitable for both automated and manual car washes, providing the necessary vehicle protection and settings to ensure a safe and efficient cleaning process.

Is Car Wash Mode Available For All Teslas?

Car Wash Mode is available on most newer Tesla models. Owners should check their vehicle’s software version and update it if necessary to access this feature. It’s crucial to stay current with Tesla’s software updates for the latest features and improvements.

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